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As an extension of our IT Asset Management services, Tech Revalue helps customers recover value from their unwanted electronic assets by remarketing them through various downstream channels. Not only is the resale of reusable electronics the purest form of recycling, but in most cases it allows the seller to maximize residual value. To ensure that our customers’ assets are remarketed to trustworthy buyers for their maximum value, Tech Revalue utilizes a variety of vetted downstream channels including company-owned and 3rd party online retail sites, and wholesale buyer networks.

Our dedicated and skilled remarketing team works diligently to position IT assets into the optimal sales channel, whether thru wholesale or retail.

They constantly evaluate new markets and new buyers and leverage our International Group Resources to stay ahead of market trends. Tech Revalue offers a wide range of services from taking in unwanted electronics from corporate level and Recyclers nationwide to providing a wide range of parts for laptops, servers, and smart phones. Our Services include but not limited too are:
• IT Asset Management
• Used Laptop sales from low end to Core i7
• Laptop parts ranging from small parts such as covers and caddies to full plastics for complete refurbishing of units for all major brands, Dell, HP, and IBM
• Fully refurbished New Samsung
• Parts for iPhones
• Parts for Smartphone’s
• Servers and Server parts

Your corporate investment in Information Technology is very expensive. The continued demand to keep up with the latest technologies can quickly drain a company's financial resources. Tech Revalue’s Re-marketing service can help your company capture the highest ROI on End-of-Life assets.

Our services provide companies large and small an alternative funding source for your capital investment.

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