We are wholesaler of all Major Brands of used laptops and related hardware. In addition to used laptops we also deal in a variety of other I.T. related equipment such as Servers, Cell Phones, Hard Drives, AC Adapters, and LCD monitors and panels.

Tech Revalue's Asset Management Services offer customizable solutions to maximize the value of IT equipment, eliminate data security risks, and contribute to environmental sustainability. We assist our clients with end of lease returns, IT re-use and inventory management programs, asset refreshes, and equipment retirement plans.

Tech Revalue is at the core of preventing e-waste contamination by refurbishing the items or properly recycling them. Non-operational units are assessed for workable parts for re-sale as replacements. All non-workable parts are segregated into designated categories for the end-of-life recycling phase.

Tech Revalue wipes data electronically or through degaussing in accordance with Department of Defense and National Institute of Standards and Technology protocol to ensure your data is never compromised. If devices are still functional, they will be refurbished or broken down into parts for reuse or resale, preventing any part of your device from ending up in a landfill.
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