Data Destruction

Full Data Destruction

Don’t let your sensitive information from your hard drive get into the wrong hands !!!

In todays time we need to be concerned about our personal and corporate private information. Tech Revalue Inc, knows how important and vital this is and offers full data destruction for all of your information that is stored on your drive.

We offer state of the art destruction service both in house and on on site. Giving you peace of mind your private information stays that way.

FACT: 48% of all data security incidents are caused by malicious or criminal attacks and 25% are due to negligence.

To ensure secure data destruction, we itemize every serial number on all devices brought in. We offer complete visibitlity from reciept to final disposition. In addition we provide meticulous tracking , state of the art data erasure and physical destruction of all data bearing devices.

Highest Industry Standards, in accordance to NIST 800-88 Federal Guidelines for Media Sanitization.

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About Us

Headquartered in Grand Prairie, Texas, Tech Revalue Inc is a full-service Electronic Recycling Facility committed to innovative E-Cycling Solutions in an enviromentally responsible manner. We recognize our responsibility both to our employees and to the public.

R2 certified ISO 14001 certified OHSAS 18001 certified

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Grand Prairie, TX 75050

(+1) 214-518-6363